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Atlanta Auto Auction Reviews

Atlanta Auto Auction Reviews


Atlanta Car Show 2013


Curious about auto auction in Atlanta reviews?

Check out these reviews for the Griffin Ga Car Auction:


This is a great place to buy a car and it’s actually pretty fun in the process. This is one of the better public auto auctions in the south. Check it out.

I have saved a ton of money at this place. I think some of these bad reviews are from people who expect to get a $5000 car for only $500, and then they expect the auction to jump through hoops for them in the process. As far as public auto auctions go, this really is the best one in the state of Georgia. I have been to hundreds, if not thousands around the country. They let you come early and bring a mechanic to look at the cars, so if you buy a bad one it’s your own fault.

I recently relocated to theUnited States after living abroad for over 4 years. In the states a car is everything. I didn’t want to take on a car payment because I might have to go abroad with the way the work is. I decided to attend the auction. Buzz asked me some questions and what my budget is and then showed me some cars that might be good for me in my price range. He then recommended I wait till the next day to test drive a few. One of the cars I wanted had a bad transmission. Another didn’t have reverse. Most auction cars have some problems and if the price is right, fixing these things is worth it. But I needed a reliable car so I could find work and housing. I settled on a 2006 Kia Spectra5 with 110,000 miles which I had a local mechanic look at. All it needed was some better tires and a sensor changed. I drove it from the Auction to TN. I’ve had it week now. It’s used so it has a few things like the CD player doesn’t work. But these are small, small things. It runs good and is reliable. If you’ve never shopped at auction, you have no idea how amazing that is. Generally, auctions don’t let you test drive or have someone look at a vehicle. Overall, Dealer’s Choice is run by some really great people. Just remember it’s an auction.

You can also save money on your next used car at Dealers Choice Auto Auction in Griffin, Ga.