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Buying a Car Online with eBay Motors

Buying a Car Online with eBay Motors



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While public auto auctions have been around for many years, the ability to bid and purchase a vehicle from an online auction from the comfort of your home or office is still relatively new. While it used to be a mostly uncharted frontier, the technology surrounding this option for car buyers has improved dramatically. What used to be a risky way to buy a car is now prefered by many people and especially car dealers that do not have the time to attend auto auctions. Hopefully this information will help you with

The most important information to study first is the

Here a few of more important questions and answers for new bidders that is not mentioned in the previous link:

Do I need to make an upfront deposit before bidding?

No. You will not need to make any sort of deposit or transaction until you have already won the bid on a vehicle. It is completely free to register and to start browsing the vehicles for sale.

Do I need a dealer’s license to buy on eBay Motors?

No. They are open to public bidders.

Does it cost money to create a new eBay account?

No. The

Am I responsible for shipping the vehicle to me or is the seller?

By default, it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for shipping. However, many sellers on eBay will help arrange this for you and are able to obtain the best shipping rates to help ease the process for you.

Do I have to bid in an auction? Can I just buy a car from an eBay seller right away?

If the listing includes a Buy It Now price, you can pay this amount and skip the bidding process. Sometimes, sellers are willing to negotiate a little and may reduce it a little bit.

Does eBay Motors offer any sort of financing?

Yes – You can find out more at the


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