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How to Sell Your Car Online or Locally

How to Sell Your Car Online or Locally

Often, when trading in a used car to a dealer for newer one, the car dealer will only give the “trade-in” value of a car. This is typically much less than one could get selling it themselves, but buyers often take the offer because it is quick and easy. However, if you have decided to sell your car before buying a new one, this is a smart move that will often leave you with more money in your pocket in the end. Follow these tips below and you’ll be able to sell your car in a short amount of time.

Prepare All the Important Documents Beforehand

Before putting it out on the market, you should first consider anticipating everything a buyer would ask for. Here are some documents you need to prepare:

  • 1. Verify your current registration
  • 2. Receipt/Proof of Ownership – You may wish to provide them with a bill of sale
  • 3. Carfax/Car history report – You can also try
  • 4. Vehicle’s Title with no liens – There must be no current loans with the vehicle as collateral.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Be Sold

No one will buy your car if it looks like it needs a lot of work done before using it. This is maybe the number one thing that would repel potential and willing car buyers. Having your car physically ready for sale entails a couple of things:

1. Make sure you remove every little thing that belongs to you like car accessories, stuff hidden in the trunk, in your dashboard or under the seats, etc.

2. Clean and polish the interior and exterior of your car. Leave not a spot uncleaned.

3. Deodorize the interior especially if you’re used to smoking cigarettes in your car.

4. Have the seats washed. A trick is to soak them in detergent first for a few minutes, then have it rinsed with a high-pressure upholstery cleaning machine or your regular water hose set at high pressure.

5. Have it detailed by a professional so as to make it look new and sellable. A $50 detail job can often add a lot more than that to the vehicle’s perceived value and is a good return on investment.

6. Make sure it has been serviced prior to making it available in the market. Never try to sell a vehicle that’s only scheduled for a service.

7. Inspect the tires and have them well inflated.

Consider Where to List Your Car For Sale Online or Locally

There are dozens of online listings where you can advertise your car—either paid or for free—and this is actually the most convenient way to find willing car buyers that are cash-ready and looking for a great deal.

Here are great websites where you can enlist your car for sale:

1. Ebay Motors
2. Craigslist

You should also consider selling your car at an auto auction. You can set a minimum amount you like for the vehicle and most locations allow you to store it at the property until it sells. Alternatively, you could just drop it off before each weekly auction and then drive it home if it does not bring enough in the auction to sell it.

But before you sell your car, make sure to keep these tips in mind:

1. Take good photos of your car. Make sure you have a photo of every angle of the car: front back, side. Also take a photo of the interior and the engine under the hood.

2. Think of your listing title. It should include the brand, model, year and how long you’ve used it.

3. Your listing description matters too. It should include important car specs, your particular reason as to why you’re selling your car, and your buyer terms.

4. Your selling price should be reasonable. Also, indicate if it’s a fixed price or if it’s open to offers.

Here are a few sites that you can use to help determine the value of your car:

1. Kelly Blue Book
2. NADA Guides
3. Edmunds

We know that selling your car is hard (well, for most people anyway) but it’s a process that can actually get easier with knowledge and experience. After posting your car on online listings, all you have to do is sit back and wait for interested buyers.