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The Best of Bank Repo Car Auctions in Atlanta

The Best of Bank Repo Car Auctions in Atlanta

So what exactly is a “bank repo car auction”? If you are imagining late model cars being sold for pennies on the dollar, that is not the case.

picture of bank repo car auction in atl ga

However, if you approach it more realistically, you can buy a used car for around thirty to fifty cents on the dollar. ATL bank repo auctions are mostly open to the public and do not require any sort of dealer’s license to buy a bank repo car.

So what is the catch? Like any cheap car, you obviously want to look it over and inspect it thoroughly before to try to buy at an repo car auction in Atlanta, Ga.

Most of these cars were repossessed from customers with delinquent loans, meaning they are usually in running condition and not just a used car that was dumped on someone’s lot. These days, most of the cheaper bank repo cars in Ga come from title pawn stores such as TitleMAX or TitleBucks, around the metro Atlanta area.

ATL Bank Repo Auction Video:

Most bank repo car auctions in Atlanta do not charge any sort of fee or have any other hassles as far as being eligible to buy a car. Call first if you have any doubts or last minute questions.

If you know what to look for, you can buy a bank repo in Atlanta for a lot less than you would on Craigslist or a car lot

nissan maxima bank repo

2004 Nissan Maxima – Automatic

Check out our bank repo inventory online with pictures. Some repo cars sell for as low as $800. Finding a good deal under $2000 is not a problem.

If you live closer to Florida, be sure to check out repo car auctions in Jax FL.