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Why Purchasing Your Next RV from an Auto Auction is Better Than Visiting the Dealership

Why Purchasing Your Next RV from an Auto Auction is Better Than Visiting the Dealership

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RVs (or recreational vehicles) can be an amazing way to get your family to spend more time in nature. Driving your RV into a national park and camping under the stars is just about the perfect way to spend any summer. However, though RVs are certainly a lot of fun, they can also be quite expensive. As such, it is important to know where to get the best deal on your next RV. While it may be tempting to head straight down to your local dealership, this is not necessarily the best decision. Instead, you may want to consider opting to search for RVs at an auto auction. Pure RV auctions are rare, but they are commonly mixed in with cars and trucks at typical public car auctions. You may also occasionally find them at impound and police seizure car auctions.

Why should you buy from an auto auction instead of a dealership?

Auto auctions offer a number of exciting benefits over visiting your local dealership. Perhaps the most exciting of these benefits is the ability to save a lot of cash. Your local RV dealership will need to add the costs of their utility bills, radio ads, and showroom maintenance into the cost of your RV. This can mean that hundreds or even thousands of dollars are added to your bill unnecessarily. On the other hand, auto auctions have quite low overhead costs so if you look carefully you should be able to find yourself a bargain.

Of course, you don’t have to leave the money you saved sitting in your bank account if you don’t want to. Many customers choose to take their savings and reinvest it into their new RV. This could mean upgrading the kitchen facilities or even just giving it a fresh new paint job. It’s your RV, you can do whatever you want to it – especially when you have all that extra money in your pocket.

What tips should you follow when buying an RV from an auto auction?

Though there are no hard and fast rules for how you should do business at an auto auction, there are some helpful tips that you can follow in order to get the best deal possible.

• Research: The research phase is perhaps the most important part of purchasing an RV. Take some time to learn more about any vehicle that you are considering purchasing. This might mean looking for reviews online or looking at its vehicle history report. In the end, the more you know about the RV before you buy it, the better.

• Bidding: If you decide that everything looks good during the research phase, then it is time to start bidding. The general advice here is simple – don’t get carried away. Instead, set a budget for yourself before you ever walk in the door, and then stick to it. If the bidding on one RV goes over your budget, don’t keep chasing it – another one will be along soon.

If a new or used RV is on the cards for you in the near future, you should absolutely consider a visit to your local auto auction before making any decisions. You might just find that perfect RV for a very affordable price.